North Texas Water - Plumbing broken within 5 months of install

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A little info on Susan Parmentier & Wesley(Business name: North Texas Denton, TX Ph: 940-566-8709...Not to be confused with Aerospace Instrument Support Inc, Denton, TX whose Ph # is 940-566-8079 because some websites have it wrongly advertised as 940-566-'8709') whom i hired to install a water softener unit at my house in February, 2012. If you decide to check her business up, online, theres very little info..which should've struck me as peculiar in the first place.

I'm writing this so that anyone who chooses to use this as her professional background-info/reference etc. can do so(Heaven knows i wished i had some honest references and background info on this woman and her employee before i hired her):

After posting an ad on Craigslist for help on installing my Water Softener unit, and filtering through multiple responses..i decided on hiring Susan & Wesley(Of course after one too many phone calls and emails that i lost count of, on which she tried to tell me about her vast sea of knowledge on the unit i was trying to install, about how honest and sincere she is, and about the other-worldly after-sales service she provided etc.) Though my instincts told me to think twice before offering my business to someone who tends to talk this much(in my experience, a lot of talk is used to make-up for lack of actual ability...and in this case, integrity too), i was tired of talking to too many folks and was just ready to get this done already.

Susan & Wesley installed the water unit in February, 2012 which took two days to finish, even though i had to reschedule it many times in order to fit their(supposedly) busy schedule and mine. After the first day of work, I paid them half of the agreed amount, though it wasn't in any agreement(written or spoken) that i'd pay them for partial work. On the second day they said they "completed" the work, although i knew there were lots of things that had to be "finished off" before they can officially claim that the job was done...There was the huge crater in the front of our house after their work, that they had agreed to level up with bags of sand, but didn't. There were water pipes that they had installed that led from the ceiling to the ground outside the house that stuck out like an eye-sore unless clamped to the wall and covered with some kind of casing, which also they had agreed to take care of, but didn't! Despite that, i was happy that the unit seemed to be working and i paid them in full although i knew i was paying them for a job that was incomplete, and which they agreeed to come and take care of "later". What really prompted me to write this review was the leak that started(5 months after their work) on the joints of one of the pipes that they had put in. I promptly called Susan and told her to come and fix this ASAP as the water leak was messing up the sheet rock in my garage(where this unit was installed) and the items that were placed on the garage floor..We scheduled multiple times for her to come down and fix this but she would cancel EVERY SINGLE TIME citing various reasons!! Maybe if i was going to pay her extra for coming down and fixing up the mess she created in the first place, she would've probably come. But i knew i had paid her in full for the job and didn't have to pay extra for the "after-sales service" that she had talked my ears off, about! I'm an easy customer and don't tend to ask of anybody until absolutely necessary..after the 5th time she had cancelled her scheduled visit, i was done being patient and decided to hire somebody else even if it meant paying the person's fees, but i also decided to put my hellish experience online so that anybody who happens to stumble upon this post can draw from my experience and decide whether or not to spend your hard-earned dollars on a person/business as unprofessional and untruthful as this one!

Review about: Water Softener Unit Installation.

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